Seed Savers meeting 5th of December 2021

Red Deer Tongue Lettuce – Lactuca sativa – The image for this post is an old very tasty variety of lettuce called ‘Red Deer Tongue’ that is just starting to come into flower. It’s the red version of the classic Amish Deer Tongue that is usually a vivid green. Lettuce are an easy plant to get reliable seed from in the home garden as they are self pollinating before the flower opens up to the outside world and so you can get very reliable seed of each variety even when planted next to each other. The real issue is having the space to let them go to seed and ripen fully. The plants take up a surprising amount of space when in flower and you do have to wait a while for the flowers to fully develop and the seed to ripen and dry off on the plant. When the flowers are ripe they will come apart a bit like a thistle or dandelion and spread everywhere in the wind. You do get a lot of seed from a single plant though so it’s not so demanding. You can even grow them in a large pot and out them aside to mature. The weather here in the Blue Mountains has been crazy (as usual) for the last month with the most recent rain storms aiding in huge amounts of growth for the leafy greens planted out in early spring. You can see a lot of weedy ‘extras’ here in the photo of the lettuce plot – chickweed, rocket, oats and even a rather unexpected dangerous Hemlock in the background.

It’s that time again!
This is just a quick reminder that the next scheduled meeting for the year 2021 of the Mid Blue Mountains SeedSavers is on at the Bullaburra Progress Hall this coming weekend.

Sunday 5 December 2021 from 10 am till Midday

Help celebrate the Blue Mountains spring!

This is our last meeting scheduled for this year. Meetings will begin again in February 2022 as per our regular meeting calendar.

And there is a lot to catch up with having had to cancel our last 3 meetings.

We are still following generally recommended social distancing guidelines to help everyone stay safe.

Our current Bullaburra hall use requirements are that all participants must be fully vaccinated, masks are required, and that we check in with the QR code for the hall located near the front entrance door.

Come along and talk about growing things with like minded people.
Hope to see you there celebrating the current productive growing season!

The address for the Mid Blue Mountains Seedsavers website is:

We do now have a Facebook page as well:

These regular notifications are sent out directly from the website if you subscribe to that email notification list.

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