2014 Spring Meeting


Spring is a great time to get together and talk about growing plants. The Spring meeting was well attended and we discussed a wide range of topics and sorted and packed seed.

There was also an interesting range of potted seedlings for members to swap along with seed. We added quite a lot of new interesting seed packets to the groups ongoing seed bank.

The agenda included discussion about improving communication between members outside of the regular scheduled quarterly seed saver meetings at Bullaburra and other general issues about supporting this group into the future. We also discussed expanding our testing of seed viability within the seed bank.

Spring is a good time to reassess and plan where you are going and what needs to be done over the next year. We have a good regular core group of people who grow plants and save seeds right across the Blue Mountains representing people and localised growing environments from the lower to the upper mountains.

The Blue Mountains has a fairly distinct and unique range of climate zones and seasons that do need local experience. Our goal is to keep growing plants and collecting seed and keep growing the localised information about what grows well, where and how.

Our next meeting is the summer pre Christmas meeting on Sunday 7 December 2014 Turn up and talk with like minded people about seeds and growing plants!

4 responses to “2014 Spring Meeting

  1. Had a great time saving seeds and taking home some lovely healthy seedlings and plants such as Anise Hyssop, Lovage, Impatiens which are flourishing as well as Tomatoes seedlings started in the Lower Blue Mountains ( sub tropics compared to some parts of the Blue Mountains)
    Looking forward to December gathering 🙂

    • Those little Endive seedlings, you gave me are now big and I am harvesting in a salad mix, delicious
      The Lovage flavoured stock as I had no celery
      No tomatoes yet 🙂

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