Seed Savers meeting 21st of August 2022

Winter… is an active time for gardeners as we spend a lot of time thinking and dreaming and we get to start to plan and grow seedlings for the upcoming spring. Many plants can be ‘over wintered’ and just kept on the dry side in a protected area ready to ‘spring’ back into action when the weather and soil warms up a bit. Some examples of this are chilli plants that are actually quite long lived and will last well for several years and each year get an early start if kept in a protected environment where they will not drop too far below zero. There are some tomatoes that prefer to grow during cooler weather periods. We have a member who has been experimenting with tomato cultivars for many years that have been sourced from cooler climates and seem to grow quite well even in our Mountains environment during the long autumn and into winter. Included here is a photo of some harvested last week in early August – our coldest most of the year. Quote “Hi there. Just a follow up about my winter tomatoes. Before we eat them all, I thought that you might share a picture of the ripe “Red Russians” which have ripened in the house after picking them well coloured. They are delicious. The can is to give you an idea of the size.” It always pays to experience growing alternative cultivars and ‘varieties’ from other places that have similar climates.

It’s that time again!
This is just a quick reminder that the next scheduled meeting for the year 2022 of the Mid Blue Mountains SeedSavers is on at the Bullaburra Progress Hall this coming weekend.

Sunday 21 August 2022 from 10 am till Midday

Help celebrate the Blue Mountains Winter!

Brrrrr… it’s cold and still a bit wet but things are coming back into growth finally.

It’s time to put seeds and seedlings in for the upcoming spring and to plan for the abundance of summer.

Come along and talk about growing things with like minded people.
Hope to see you there celebrating the current productive growing season!

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