New Seed Savers Connect online forum

In October 2021 there was a zoom meetup representing Seed Savers groups from across Australia. Discussion covered a lot of issues but especially the desire to try and connect better with other Seed Saver Groups.

Now there has been some development finally on connecting the large number of individual Seed Savers Groups in Australia.

During the last few months people from the Canberra, Bega and Mid Blue Mountains Seed Savers groups have been working on building a simple new online forum to connect – and try to get people to list their seed saving groups with contact details etc. and then also allow for wider ‘seedy’ talk.

Possibly the most important thing is that listing of all the Australian Seed Savers Groups by their own members. The Mid Blue Mountains Seed Savers now has a listing there along with a few others. Hopefully the use of this forum will help grow our community. There are a lot of groups out there doing great work on saving seeds – but we don’t know how to connect with them.

We are encouraging everyone (you) to now have a look and maybe to join in with the discussion and register on the forum.

Dear seedy friends, 

The project to build a virtual hub for seed savers and groups to connect and share information and resources has been going forward in leaps and bounds. We’ve even come up with a name to describe it: Seed Savers Connect! We’re building on the philosophy and work of the seed savers network to try and spread the love of seed saving and to encourage and support more seed savers and help existing groups to connect.

From this week, you can check out what we’ve done so far online at and we’d welcome your feedback and/or involvement in the next stages. 

The forum is designed to be a place for asking and answering questions, supporting seed savers and sharing seed saving experiences. The forum is operational now so if you go to you can create a login, make or respond to a post and let us know what you think! 

The website is still under development but aims to be a repository of freely available, Australian relevant info and resources about seed saving such as how-to guides.

If you’re interested and want to get involved, we’d really welcome your input – the more brains, the better the hub we can build! We have a catch up every second Sunday at 5pm on Zoom and the next one is this Sunday 5th December. All welcome 🙂

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