22 August 2021 meeting cancelled due to Sydney lockdown

Due to the Covid19 lockdown in Sydney which affects all the LGAs (Local Government Areas) that surround the greater Sydney area until 28 August – we are not able to use the Bullaburra Hall for our planned August 22 Seed savers meeting.

The next scheduled meeting is on 19 September 2021 and hopefully the lockdown and covid spreading events will have concluded by then.

Until then happy gardening and hope you all have a productive end of winter and beginning of spring.

There are lots of plants that can be started from seed in this period as we move past the shortest days of the year and start to get the ‘hint of spring’. During August there are many plants that can be early started for planting out in a few weeks or months. Top of the list is all the leafy greens that can handle the early cool periods we still have coming. This includes lettuce, mustard greens like mibuna and mizuna, spinach, silver beets, beetroots, carrots radish and the turnip family.

Broad beans and snow peas can be germinated and planted out too.

And if you have a safe protected space inside you can start to work on germinating all your tomato and chilies seeds so they get a good start for the year. You may even like to get your melon, cucumber and pumpkin seeds on the run.

Also it’s a good idea to think about what you can do to protect your seedlings and plants outside as they start to grow.

Hope to see you all in September.

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