Introduction to Seed Saving workshop at Lyttleton Stores 14 March

Photo – Parsley ‘Triple Curl’ seed spikes drying on the plant in mid Summer.

‘Introduction to Seed Saving’ – the Mid Blue Mountains Seed Savers will be running a workshop at the Lyttleton Stores in Lawson on the 14 March. This workshop will cover a wide range of content including all the basics you may want to know to help you save your own seed from your own garden. The workshop will include activities where you will actually process a range of commonly grown vegetable seed to learn techniques such as harvesting, fermenting, drying, sorting, threshing, sieving and winnowing. You will also learn about some of the wider botanical and biological issues including the unique characteristics of the main edible plant families and how various plants reproduce with seed and other methods such as cuttings and grafting, through to an overview of heirloom and heritage varieties. This workshop and discussion will be ‘hands on’ interactive and allow you to ask questions and hopefully get simple and direct answers. You will have the opportunity to hear from local Seed Savers members talk about how they adapt their gardens for saving seeds and hopefully get a better picture of what edibles are possible to grow in your garden in the Blue Mountains.

This workshop runs for 4 hours from 10am till 2pm on Sunday 14 March at the Lyttleton Stores location in Lawson.

Bookings can me made online or by calling the Lyttleton Stores. Details can be found at the Lyttleton Stores website – ‘Introduction to Seed Saving’

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