SeedSavers Meeting – September 22 2019

Photo – Treviso is one tasty red variety of Chicory also known as raddichio or ‘bitter’ lettuce. It has a long leaf with a red tone and white central veins that grow in an open rosette with a tight core up to about 30cm long. It can be eaten fresh or even better seared on a BBQ which imbues the leaves with a wonderful smoky but sugary tinged flavours. It is often used in the northern region of Italy to accompany their wonderful Saffron risotto which is an amazing taste experience. Treviso and other chicory grows well through the cold winter time and colours up with the cold – often growers are disappointed by growing chicory because in the warmer periods they just grow green and are very bitter. Cold weather actually changes the colour and flavour dramatically and they are always best after a heavy frost or even snow that burns them back to a core. The regrowth is what you are after for the best culinary flavours. So this plant is a good one to start in late summer or early autumn for best harvesting in late winter and early spring. They have beautiful intense blue flowers on high stalks up to about 2m high and then seed during the warm peak of late summer.

It’s that time again!
This is just a quick reminder that the next scheduled meeting for the year of the Mid Blue Mountains SeedSavers is on at the Bullaburra Progress Hall this next coming weekend.

Sunday 22 September 2019 from 10 am till Midday

Help celebrate the Blue Mountains SPRING!
Come along and talk about growing things with like minded people.
Hope to see you there celebrating the current productive growing season!

The address for the Mid Blue Mountains Seedsavers website is:

We do now have a Facebook page as well:

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