Sunday 4 March meeting

Thanks to those who came to the meeting this time around.  There were a lot of competing events on this weekend including the very successful inaugural Blue Mountains Edible Gardens Festival and Trail.

After this meeting we then went on to run a well attended workshop, seed swap and discussion later after this meeting at the Katoomba Community Gardens  that was a part of the Edible Gardens Festival.

We had lots of seedlings and plant cuttings to swap and hand out to those who attended the workshop including things like the late more cold tolerant tomato seedlings, chili, turmeric, sweet potato, garlic and herbs like rosemary etc. It’s amazing what you can successfully grow through the Autumn up here…

A usual the crazy mountains weather was a hot topic… but this year has been excellent so far for beans and peas especially and with the recent rain our long Blue Mountains Autumn is looking very productive.

And we did have some nice seasonal seeds to pack including some Sunflowers ‘Lemon Queen’ seen here being snacked on by young Rodney… This is an interesting variety as it is large, usually has 2 flowers (1 large and 1 small) and rotates over to face the ground as it ripens which means the numerous mountains parrots don’t get to see it and destroy it so easily.

See you next meeting on April 1 – this is the Sunday in the middle of the long Easter Weekend. We already have a few apologies due to other events – but there will always be bunch of us there talking seeds…

One response to “Sunday 4 March meeting

  1. Nice photos… Put one of Erica’s passion fruit vines in the ground, just a metre or so away from a commercial one which I believe was grafted… Should be interesting to see how they go together… The rainy weather this week has given us some time to work on the database, it’s nice to finally give some of the forms and things a proper work over and tidy up… Still many things to go though 😉

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