Seed Savers meeting 19 March 2023

The weather in the Blue Mountains has finally ‘come good’ for us and the plants are all growing with lots of sun and the occasional rain – although about 2 months behind what they usually would be. This is the time to start the planning of our gardens for the winter and into next spring. In particular we should be looking right now at food items like Garlic and Broad Beans that grow through the winter and are harvested in early to late spring time. Last meeting we talked about our ongoing seed saving processes within the group. As part of our continuing seed saving discussions this meeting we will be focussed on talking about what we all would like to grow over the next year and what we feel confident about growing on to collect seed from. It’s always difficult to work out what we want to plant and then the list of seeds and varieties we would like to grow. Members are encouraged to think about this and bring a list to the meeting this time around of what you would like to grow and maybe what seed you might like to obtain from other members or other seed saving groups.

It’s that time again!
This is just a quick reminder that the next scheduled meeting for the year 2023 of the Mid Blue Mountains SeedSavers is on at the Bullaburra Progress Hall this coming weekend.

Sunday 19 March 2023 from 10 am till Midday

Help celebrate the Blue Mountains long Autumn!

It’s time to put more seeds and seedlings in and plan for the upcoming winter time.

Come along and talk about growing things with like minded people.
Hope to see you there celebrating the current productive growing season!

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