Seedsavers meetings suspended for a while… Mid Blue Mountains Seed Savers.

Photo: Actinotis forsythii – The very rare Pink Flannel Flower that grows natively in the Blue Mountains only springs into action after fire and then heavy rain. It shows that some good things come from waiting.

This post is to announce that we have suspended all the Mid Blue Mountains Seed Savers meetings for a while.

The venue itself – BullaBurra community Hall – following Government guidelines it has had to be shut from March.

So… our planned meetings will be on hold for a while – it is unknown when we will start up again – but at a very rough guess possibly guidelines for community meetings will be relaxed later in the year.

We have the meetings still booked at the hall for the year so when we can meet again it will just pick up again on our usual already booked schedule.

There has been a huge rush on seed sales in the Blue Mountains and everywhere in Australia so it seems – growing your own plants and food plants in particular is a popular activity during the Pandemic.

Many large seed suppliers have either sold out or been unable to keep up with the demand. Many regular seed suppliers like for example Eden Seeds had to suspend orders for a few weeks recently as the orders were becoming so backlogged they did not have enough people to both take orders and then pack and dispatch them.

A core part of what we do as Seed Savers is promote the growing of plants and saving seed from them.

We have supplied a great deal of seed in the last 2 months to the Food Coop at Katoomba which has sold out almost immediately within a day or so. This general sales supply from our stock collection will slow down now as we start to deplete our seed bank and without meetings cannot restock easily.

We are only a small but very productive group of Seed Savers.

We still have a good wide collection available but as the seed bank collection shrinks we will likely only make it available to those regular members who ask for it specifically. if you have a specific request you can always ask at the Katoomba Food Coop ‘little shop’ and we can maybe arrange to drop off seed there for you to pick up. Or try to contact us directly through the Facebook page.

Other members may have seed available so we may be ale to arrange some sort of minimal ‘contactless’ delivery and pickup system. This is only theoretical at this stage. If anyone has some ideas of how this might be done we would be glad to hear it.

In the meantime happy gardening and good health and we hope to see you all safe at the end of this unexpected and significant social ‘event’.

When the meetings resume we will announce it here via email, on the website and via Facebook etc.


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