Sunday October 8 meeting

This was just a quick photo snap we grabbed of some our seed savers attendees as we were de-packing from the meeting. John – a longtime Mid Blue Mountains Seed Savers member – has recently turned 85 and is shown here still furiously packing seed up until the last few seconds…

The dry warm weather in Sydney and the Blue Mountains continues… it’s looking a lot like a drought with only about 40mm of rain for the last 4 months. Its hard to imagine that during this week in October in the past it has often snowed or rained heavily.

Despite this lack of rain the warmer weather has encouraged an early (for the mountains) spring time growing season and people overall reported a good vegetable garden result so far. A hot baking Summer may be coming though…

We talked seeds, sorted out the seed library and got our markets sale box restocked. Many seeds were packed and catalogued. We ate pastries… and all was good…

We had a quite a few plants and some interesting more unusual seed varieties to swap. There is a reward for actually turning up to the meetings – aside from getting to talk to other seed savers and growers – we often have small numbers of unique seed and plant varieties from members personal collections that do not get added to the seed library or get packed for sale.

Thanks to all those who came and participated and hope to see you again at the next meeting!

Our next meeting is on December 3.

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