2014 Summer meeting

Well the weather was fantastic in the morning for our Summer Seed Savers meeting on Dec 7 – the last for 2014 – celebrating the end of the year and the beginning of summer here in the Blue Mountains.

This was after a week of heavy rain and electrical storms throughout the Blue Mountains and wider Sydney and NSW regions which are set to continue for some time yet.


Here are some of our fabulous seed savers gathered informally and unrehearsed near the seed sorting tables.

We had wide ranging discussions about the weather (which really does matter here in the mountains), the recent spring growth period since the last meeting, and what grew well over this last year (and what did not), along with some talk about Australian Quarantine services etc.

It is always really useful to find out in detail what grows well or not so well in the wide range of local environments spanning the mountains from the top to the bottom.

There was much seed sorted, packed, documented and stored in the seed bank/library – and there was a good selection of seedlings for members to swap along with interesting seeds passed between us rather than just added to the seed bank/library.


The seed bank/library is getting pretty full!

Chris talked about the ongoing development work of creating and updating a useful new database for fully cataloging the seed library, and we discussed in general terms the new website and how it might benefit the groups ongoing communications.

We have renewed the system of taking meeting notes and hopefully will have the minutes available online soon after the meetings next year.

Then we had some tasty snacks!

The rain and storms kicked back in not long after leaving…

See you in 2015!


One response to “2014 Summer meeting

  1. Looks like a lovely morning and look at all those seeds! Thanks for next year’s dates – I have put them in my diary.

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