Seed Bank

How the Seed Bank works

This records our seed saving activities – at each meeting one member acts as the Seed Bank secretary and takes the following details from each donor

  • Each donor has the responsibility to give the secretary the following information along with each type of seed.
    • the common name (if possible further details such as the variety)
    • where it was grown (postcode)
    • where the seed came from originally (to try to keep a record of provenance)
    • who the seed was distributed to (so that we can try to track seeds down, if there are failures)
    • the viability of seed (if known – notionally 0% until it has been a viability test performed on it or feedback from members who have actually grown seed from the batch)
    • what type of plant – vine, bush, perennial etc.
    • when the seed was collected
  • Regrow date indicates when this batch needs to be regrown and fresh seed kept.
  • ‘Minder’ is a member who volunteers to take special care of a particular seed to ensure continuity
  • Seeds are available free to members and other LSNs (please send SAE) and $1 to others

Procedure for saving seeds

  1. Prepare seed for storage – dry, separate from husks other material, discard damaged or immature seeds
  2. Pack a suitable number of seeds in packet – enough for a reasonable number of plants, plus a few failures.
  3. Label seed packet (An ink stamp with layout is usually provided for labelling the paper packets at the meetings) – try to identify the plant species and variety especially to help with end users germinating and growing on the seed to maturity, and the likely viable life of the seed in storage.
  4. Distribution – give a packet to any members present who want to take some (give a record of who took them to secretary). Put one packet in the Seedbank Reserve, and the rest into the General Store for further distribution or sale for fundraising. The Reserve is kept to ensure that we have at least one packet left for regrow in the event that all others are lost or fail.


The Seed Store & access to the Seed Bank

The seeds that we have available vary from season to season and just depend on what people have brought along to meetings.

Seeds are available freely to members of Mid Mountains Seedsavers at our regular meetings, and for $1 per packet to all others.

Seeds are usually for sale at Lawson market (3rd Sunday) and Bullaburra Produce Market (4th Sunday).

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